Constellation Matthew

The couch has been my home for the past 4 days. It looks like it too, it’s set up just right. There are comfy cushions behind me, my new rug over my legs, children at my feet, my favourite glass on the coffee table, two stable tables, one for my laptop with mouse, the other for both phones, my camera and a whole heap of drugs. Everything in my reach. Except the tv remote, which I never seem to be qualified to have within my reach.

There was a piece of paper on the couch last night. I haven’t had paper. Phones and facebook. So this paper intruiged me.


There were a series of markings on it in biro. Andrew said that child #3 had drawn it. He had said that it was his discovery.


I quizzed him today after school – he said “While I was looking up in the sky last night, I looked up and found a jumble of stars that looked exactly like that, and I saw an axe,  and that’s what it looked like., and that’s what I called it, I just made it up. i just saw it.

So, there you have it… it’s his Axe Constellation. Looks suspicisiouly like the saucepan to me. Good discovery!


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