New addiction – stamps

I have to throw the blame for this addiction to my SIL Louise, who put me onto the fantababsolute wonderfulness of Hero Arts Stamps.

Now my bank account has been emptied… hee hee… but I have lots of lovely stamps.

Looking forward to tomorrows card making class… oops…  todays… better go to bed.
We are using the good old “punch” tomorrow… get me AWAY from those stamps!
Night. xxx

2 responses to “New addiction – stamps

  1. Oops sorry! hehehe- I have added to my collection- just waiting for the postie to bring them……….I love my Hero Arts and I love Hero Arts blog and website for inspiration…………DId you know that Hero Arts is a certified “Green Business”? They have also just brought out “clings” which are an unmounted rubber stamp (like Kassazz and others) that clings to your acrylic block- so you get a beautiful crisp image but the convenience of an unmounted stamp! Please note I do NOT work for Hero Arts.

  2. Pretty pretty pretty i want i want i want!!!!

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