Oh no… now the dog’s sick too!

My little pooch… looking gosh darn cute in this old photo is not a happy chappy tonight. Man I wish he looked like this all the time. His groooming only lasts for approximately 24 minutes. Then he’s all doggy again and the fluffy teddy has gone. Today he’s not smiling like this though.


The last couple of weeks we’ve had someone or other out of action… today we still had 2 kids out of 4 away from school, and believe me – one of them was so desperate to GO TO SCHOOL we had all sorts of conversations, tears and all. Sorry Buddy – High temp – no school.

It’s not everyday a Mum has to hold her kid back from school and take his uniform away. Truth be known, there was a recital he didn’t want to miss out on… he was in the front row… and of course… they are nothing without him.  Couple that with the playground award he missed out on.

 So, we’ve all had a go at being out of action.. even the dog. Poor Jaxson, he’s shaking and not jumping up like usual. Something  is not right and it’s off to the vet tomorrow if he shows any other symptoms.

Meanwhile # 1 is out of the house… best place for him, away from all of us. He and the Main Man are the only two who haven’t been affected yet. Josh is on respite and comes home tomorrow. I hope he’s not sporting any new bugs.

I hope all is well with you and yours.



One response to “Oh no… now the dog’s sick too!

  1. Thinking of ALL of you!

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