Ready for another week

There are not enough days in the week… and not enough hours in each day.

I seemed to be flogging along at full speed all week, and I as I am  looking toward this week I am just knowing it will be more of the same. No time for sitting on the couch. No time for sick children. We are all up and running, all in top condition again… even the dog.  Ready for it.

Today, however… I took it slower. I did do some class prep, but I spent a fair bit of the day chilling out at my desk, (and drooling over my stamps) and made a few more samples of cards for upcoming classes as well as a few for friends.

Card hearfelt thanks

I like being productive, but I also love kicking back.

card iheartyou

So, I cracked the whip on the kids and got the house cleaned so we could play this afternoon. A couple of them made cards with me too. It’s hard to keep them away, poor kids, they have the craft itch too. Child #4 especially – he drives me nuts wanting to do craft.

After Sunday Family Roast tonight we all kicked back again, a few of us at the craft table, a couple at the computer and the rest watching the telly. Just nice.

The calm before the Monday.


3 responses to “Ready for another week

  1. Gotta love Swiss Dots…..saw the new folders in the flesh today, but alas, no purchases made…..glad everyone is feeling better!

  2. Yeah Swiss Dots. My new favourite. Thanks for that.

  3. love all the great samples you & the kids whip up to show our eager girls taking card classes, need to get myself organised so I can get a few together too!

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