The Power of the Purr

Did you know that the purr of a cat is almost like therapy. Strangly, somehow it gives you a feeling of calm. Well, it’s supposed to. There’s nothing quite like being rewarded with a purr from a contented cat.

Even from my grumpy old men cats.

They are not allowed in my room… I don’t like their hair… and they are not allowed on my bed… Man I hate fur on stuff.

Cats Suggly

Mmm. Seems that they listen to me as well as my kids do, and end up hiding there during the day when I am not home. I know… I can tell. Mamma is all knowing.

These old cats are up around the 15 year old mark. They’ve been around a very long time and know how to work it. They wait till the bedroom door is opened in the morning, and immediately hassle The King for food, get milk from the kids at breakfast time, and then come and see me in the shower for a drink of water. Most every morning this is their thing. Then for the rest of the day they sleep. Hard life. They sleep for 23 hours a day.

Now this day I found them on the end of my bed. As I walked up I caught them fighting, they stopped dead in their tracks, both had a mouthful of fur each and then they just relaxed and looked at me as if to say “What? We’re not doin nuthin”.

Then the Siamese went to the other side of the bed and faced his back to his Black brother. They pretend not to like each other.

But I know different.

Oh yeah. And I have proof.

Half and hour later and this is how they are. That is quite clearly a hug.

Cats hugging

Actually I think they have a secret “thing” going on.

Cats Suggly


3 responses to “The Power of the Purr

  1. They are just beautiful!!! and look so pretty against the pink…

  2. a pitty Im alergic, love the compamy of a cat & the contented purr, have gone to the dark side & now have 2 dogs, just enjoy them so much.

  3. I remember that “special bond” Pirate had with Siam – before he lost his Mojo’s….

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