I have lost 9 kilos.


I haven’t been happy with my weight for a long time. Really, who is? Maybe those beautiful people  you see on tv, on shows like “Most Beautiful”, who look after themselves. But for the most part, I think all of us would like to carry less weight on our hips, (and butt in my case) . I wouldn”t be auditioning for one of them shows.

About a month ago I saw an episode of a tv show “Dance your *ss off” and was intrigued to know the comparison of pounds to kilos, and also how that would compare to my own weight. So off I went to weigh myself. OMG. I was shocked, and saddened that I had let myself add the extra kilos without even realising. I just bought bigger clothes, and didn’t look in the mirror. I was up there with some of those ladies. Admittedly, I am taller than them, but I checked the math. (Note – I am not that good at Math) Yep. My doctor had also told me on my last two visits. Lose some weight. Not that I was weighed there. How depressing.

Anyhow, that was a fair while ago. Seems I don’t really care all that much about my weight after all.  I haven’t altered my diet, and I certainly haven’t found time for exercise. Who cares. My clothes fit me. My family love me. I am not on any tv show for the “Most Beautiful”.  I am me, and that’s ok.

So today I weigh myself again. I just saw the scales and thought I would give it a spin. See where I am at now. Heavier? Lighter?

The result – the same.

Dejected I got off. Ah well. So be it.

But then.


Look down.

The scales at zero, read 9 kilos.

Yay, yay, yay. They were wrong all along.

Wind it back… presto – lighter!

Now I am auditioning for a tv show for “Most Stupid”. Wish me luck.


7 responses to “I have lost 9 kilos.

  1. HA! I love that weight-loss “secret”, maybe I should check my scales are correct, oh no wait, I use the Wii…….it’s probably right……..

  2. Way to go Tania…. it sure feels great when we do finally lose the weight…. I joined Jenny Craig and lost 10kgms, with lots of walking too and was so great to have to dart all my trousers so I wasn’t always hitching them up all the time !! 🙂 I’ve remained about the same during Winter, but at least I’m not putting it on again…. come on Spring so I can get out there and do more walking again…..

  3. Well done. Keep it up (or should that be down?)

  4. Hee hee. That’s the way to do it!! Now you can enjoy the choc guilt free!

  5. I didn’t actually lose any weight at all… just a few kilos on the scales reading.

  6. Just keep winding them back, you will feel even better!!!

  7. Wahoo Tania!!! On ya. The old lets wind the scales back trick. Works everytime. hehe, nah just kidding. Well done. As for me i have gained 3 kilos as i haven’t been running because its to dam cold and too dam dark in the mornings. I might wind the scales back when i get home. Make myself feel better. hehe

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