No medium is safe from creation in this house. I swear the kids will even push their food around on their plates till it looks like something else. It’s just something we do.

I know that the king doesn’t quite ‘get it’, but he knows that this is who we are and thinks the kids are quite clever. Which of course they are. Of course. Now, puts up with our artwork everywhere, from paintings to post it notes. One day #2 used  little pink heartshaped post it notes that say I LOVE YOU, a whole pad was used and posted on every wall, and every piece of furniture, inside drawers…everywhere. It makes me smile. Ya gotta admit.. that would make anyone smile.

But the King really liked this.


My number 2 Child makes this stuff up from her head. I could copy – but she is such a creator.

Love love the line of washing.


But this.. oh this is what makes the King proud of his girl.


that’s HIS kind of art!


4 responses to “Plasticine

  1. hahaha love it!

  2. Chelsea is laughing her pants off!!

  3. Very good. Lotsa creativity flowing in that house

  4. There’s always something new in that house. Something that someone has made. I remember when i was looking after your kids while you were away and i had Daniel in the front seat on the way to school. He took an old reciept out of the glove box and made it into a little had and wore it the whole way to school, then got out and insisted that i then wear it. Very cute.

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