She’s apples

So totally copied this card from Jen McQuire. Love love love my watercolour brush and paints.

A bit of cutting, but worth it.

Card Apples Hello

My girl FINALLY allowed me to take some photos of her this afternoon of her confirmation dress before she ran of to her T.O.M. meeting, but must have had wrong setting on camera. A bit of photoshopping to fix it, but at least I have one of the full length dress and little cardi she wore.

Confirmation Em1

She only gives me a few seconds to take it, and darn it all… the best expsosure was that last one… just great. Every one in between had her looking away, or squinting, or with frowny brows, or forced smiles.

At least this one has none of that.

Confirmation Em2Gotta say, she is more and more like her father everyday – winding me up to watch me go…

And would you LOOK at those weeds in the lawn!!!


6 responses to “She’s apples

  1. looks gorgeous – great shopping ladies!!

  2. Emily looks gorgeous and great outfit! And Tania- I so totally copy Jen McGuire ALL THE TIME! Why wouldn’t we?

  3. Emily looks lovely. Don’t worry about the weeds, we all have them. Some a few more than others. HaHa.

  4. Haha good girl em. Great shot

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