Feeling crabby?

This little guy was out the front of the shop the other day. He was a long way from home… scuttling along… looking for the ocean. Who knows how he got there, I wonder if he snuck out of someone’s bucket on their way home from the wharf. I watched to make sure he made it out of the carpark and was on his way.

Things didn’t go his way… but he wasn’t being crabby about it, and just kept on without taking it out on anyone around him.

A lesson worth learning I think.

Mr Crabby


4 responses to “Feeling crabby?

  1. Love it Tania ….. 🙂

  2. When you say ‘the other day’ …. do you mean like ages ago??? Cause i remember you telling me this story ages ago. Geez Tania, get some new stuff. hehe, just kidding. Very good lesson worth learning i think Tania. You are getting very wise in your old age aren’t you???hehe Love ya. xoxo

  3. I just hope that the little guy found his way safe and sound…

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