Book Week

As always ~ things are busy in my household of 6.

Last week the 3 youngest family members had “Book Week” and had to dress up as someone from another country. We had to pick the outfits 3 days before as I worked the nights leading up to it, how organised was that? I know, I know.. I shock myself.
Two of them picked America, the other France. Their outfits were made up from clothes they had here and what they could find in the dress up boxes. Mmm, “boxes”. Plural. I shake my head.

The eldest had it easy~ it was “Jeans for Genes day”. And Wendy dressed him.

Book Week 09

The weekend was filled with Tornament of the Minds, and this week coming it’s sports carnival, and then this weekend there’s a a birthday party then it’s Father’s Day . Guess that means I’ll have to cook.

The Scrapbook House is also busier than ever, with classes and scrapping as welll as stock arriving all the time. Today I had a day off, went to visit some friends and had appointments this afternoon before class tonight. It’s going to be a full on week again, and  I am working on a few things, but right now, the first thing I am trying to do is the newsletter ~ so hopefully I’ll get that out to you on time this month. Stranger things have happened.


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