Happy Fathers Day

The world is a better place because Fathers love their children.
The King of the house was treated to breakfast made by Child #3, his first time making coffee (I removed the tea bag 🙂 ) and a very yummy ham omlette on toast.
Like many Dads he recieved handmade goodness from his princes and his princess.
From Child #1 – A card with a felt cut out car, very cool and a felt bookmark with a holder.
From Child #2 a pair of undies that they tye-dyed at school. Of course child #2 has her Daddy’s sense of humour and she decided to do them pink and calls them his Big Girl Panties. Very funny. He says he will wear them around the house when her friends come over next.
Child #3 made a mug with artwork on it, to add to the mug collection (how many mugs can one family have?) and a fabulous Simile poem about his Dad. It was so neat (for him) that it must have taken him an hour to write it out.
Child #4 made a strawberry scented airfreshener for the car. It was cutout in the shape of Daddy, complete with grey hair.
Also he made one of these signs with Dani at the shop.
Here’s Dani on the day she made them with the kids, it was her 17th Birthday. You can the signs hanging on the whiteboard behind her.
Dani 17



One response to “Happy Fathers Day

  1. Sounds like Andrew was “royally” spoiled!

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