Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Well, yes they do!

We were a little out-of-the-way this year at the Chapman Valley Show, but many ladies still found us, thanks for visiting!


Lauren and I spent the day making free cards with our visitors and demonstrating the Crafters Companion as well as the Cuttlebug Machine. Nat loaned me a bunch of her layouts to hang  so we’ve have new inspiration.


The new Crafters Companion does a whole lot more than envelope making, and I have promised to demonstrate it again in our cardmaking class soon. It’s pretty cool how it does perfect boxes and even box envelopes. There’s also a DVD available with projects that you can copy. I did a couple and found it was good to be able to pause-start-pause-start as I caught up with each step.

At the show we only used it for a couple of plain lines, like shown below on the card we made as our free make-n-take on the day.

ChapmanValleyCard 09

It’s a good day at the Show, with lots of new faces and plenty of familiar ones.


2 responses to “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

  1. nice display, well done girls, looks like you had a great day

  2. hope you dont mind this but due to cercomstances out of my control im selling all of my lovely scrapbooking stuff machiens pappers the hole room basicaly so iff your not doing anything on Sat 3rd of october 7am + every thing is at through away prices bring the yough scrapers to something for every 1s pocket i just want every thing to go to a loving home im sure you can all understand that its all preloved in 1 way or enouther soo please come and help it realy soo sadly does have to go ill be the one with tears in my eyes at 147 Durlacher st 98/ brout from to best shop in town thanks for the many years ilve dealt with yas im sure while my stuff must go il still be cheacking your sight out weekly iff this is rong and you dont want you customers to see it be sure to wipe it i mean no harm but knowing you its scrapbooking you love and you wont mind soo hope you can come for a stiky as apps everything gota go even that parm printer and typer that you loved lol buy for now and thaks for again for the past yrs

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