Base inspiration

We all get our inspiration from somewhere.  I thought I’d show you a few layouts that my friends Nat and Michele did a while back. I found the pics on my camera as I was formatting it ready for a new disk.

Often when we scrap together we challenge each other in different ways to create a page. Sometimes it’s an idea, sometimes it’s a new range of products, sometimes it’s just plain old copying of a layout. That’s my favourite, I love to reproduce a layout in different colours, with different photos.

These layouts were all completed in the same night from the same idea source. It was a layout in a magazine somewhere, I can’t even remember which one now, but it was one we all liked the composition of. Layouts - sketch

See how we all created something totally different, but when you put them side by side you can pick that they are the same layouts?

Layout - Jack Jack

Layout - Jack Jack 2

Layout - Sick

Layout - Sick 2

Layout - Sick 3

Nice huh?

Why dont’ you give it a whirl? Grab a photo and a few papers that go together and see what you come up with.


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