Girly weekend

We are off to the big smoke. The 2 girls are leaving the 4 boys behind. The two little boys are begging Nanna to play Wii, and the two big boys will enjoy some peace and quiet for a change.

Miss L, Child #2 and myself are heading for the city. Child #2 has a pretty big weekend in front of her. A couple of weeks ago the Tournament of Minds was held, and her team made it through to the State Finals. Woo hoo. Blush, I am so proud. Anyhow, that means a road trip. And Miss L did not want to miss out on that! We just have to squeeze in some shopping, a nice hotel and perhaps a movie too, not to mention a visit to see my nephew, Little O. Chocolates all packed!

Heading off in the morning, will keep you updated.

Wish my girl luck!  They are up against the team that won the Nationals last year. Yikes.


2 responses to “Girly weekend

  1. Good Luck Emily. Have fun.

  2. Good luck Emily and have a great time with Mum…

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