T.O.M. State finals

They won they won!

Emily’s Tournament of Minds team (Social Sciences) won the State Final… that means that she, along with her team of 6 other students, are representing Western Australia in the Nationals next month. Next month. Brisbane. My baby.

If I wasn’t so exhausted I would be singing and dancing and boring you all to death with my excitement and rambling. It has been the most incredible time for us and we certainly made the most of it. From the trip down, the hotel, the shopping and then the Tournament Day and the presentations, to celebrating singstar-style with  family and more shopping before a great trip home.

Our whole weekend has just been amazing, full of the things that make great memories and I have some photos to share, but really just have enough time for the all important one…the trophy.  This trophy was won by the team, but I didn’t ask permission to post photos of all the kids here so it’s just my baby girl.

TOM Trophy

This experience has broadened horizons, built a great range of skills and challenged them. It’s been so rewarding. Now she wants to go to UWA.  Goodness me!  Lets finish Primary School first huh?


11 responses to “T.O.M. State finals

  1. We were so thrilled to be able to share in the excitement on Sunday night- way to go Emily (and team)….we are so proud of you!

  2. Congratulations Emily & your team. Well done, what an achievment! You must all be so proud, everyone I told at work yesterday was so thrilled for you, go girl!!

  3. congratulations to you all!! a fantastic team effort!!

  4. I just knew it!!! But I always get told I am just a biased Nanna. Well now all those judges must be biased too huh? Yes of course I know there were others in the team, but they wouldn’t have done it without Emily!!

    Go Emily! You’re the most amazing girl-child I have the pleasure to know and as a bonus to me you just happen to be my grandaughter too. I love you and I am always very proud of you.
    Thank you for making me so proud I could cry. Actually i did. 🙂 But that often happens with you and the things you do.

  5. Wow Wow wOW!!! Way to go Em – wish we could come watch but probably wont get to Bisbane! Very proud of you, sending lots of hugs and kisses xxx

  6. Well done Emily (and the rest of the team) it must be so exciting for you all. You’re right Tania a wonderful learning experience. Best of luck at the nationals.

  7. Well Done Emily and the team, Congratulatons Tania, you have a smart girl…

  8. I too had such a fantastic weekend. What an amazing time we had and what a privilage it was for me to be able to share the TOM excitment with you. From singing in the car, to shaking our bumbs at the camera, jumping on beds, shopping and sing star. I had a wicked time. Your the wickedist em, great job. xoxo

  9. Well done Em and all the TOM gang… you’ve done S.F.X. proud.
    Love Nat and Isabelle xxx

  10. WOW, congrats to all, there is no better feeling than when our children excell at something is there Tania …..

  11. Emily has read all of these comments… Thankyou. 🙂 xxx

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