Our weekend

You know when you’ve had a really good time on the weekend when you find yourself thinking about it all day on your first day back at work.

Today I couldn’t keep my mind on the job. Luckily I spent most of the day helping a friend put her albums together, chatting and taking a couple of calls. There was some work in there somewhere, but work is not really ‘work’ for me… it’s just living… and I love it.

So today everyone heard about our weekend, and when I wasn’t talking about it, I was thinking about it. I was wondering how school went and how the kids felt with their gold medals around their necks as they went to their classes.

I was thinking about how I might scrap my photos, and that I would need lots of journalling to convey my thoughts.

Here are some of the photos from our weekend. Miss L was our chaffuer and what a fine job she did.

TOM Trip Lauren

The road was a little wet on the way down as we got closer. Whoosshhhhh as the trucks went barrelling past.

TOM Rain

My #2 child calls from the back seat “I’m safe Mum”. How many safety belts does one need?

TOM car

When we got to the city, we went straight to the shops. Yay.

TOM shopping

I’ll spare you the dressing room photos. ( I can hear Miss L breathing a sigh of relief)

Then we hit the hotel room… and the little girls hit each other. Lordy I am glad they weren’t roll-out beds. Those girls know how to have a good time.

TOM Hotel

The hotel view was amazing but my big camera is dead flat and I can’t get any pics from it now. We glammed ourselves up a bit and had a little rest before heading out to the city. Planning to watch a movie we ended up in a dodgy part of the city somehow, walking in the dark where there were only a few people and some dodgy ones. I was extrememly uncomfortable and called rank to retreat back to the car to go somewhere else.

From there we went to Subiaco and it made all the difference. We dined in Sicilian restarant and then Child #2 begged till I agreed to watch the movie “Up”. So we got home a little later than I had hoped for, but she had slept in the car a little.

We slept well. We didn’t wake up well though.

The TOM day went well, we were early (can you believe that? EARLY!) and when Em went into lock-down for 3 hours, Miss L and I went to the Freemantle for breakfast oh, they have all sorts of cool stuff at the  Markets. Like cool helmets and hair clips from Africa!

Meanwhile Child #2 and her team were hard at it putting their heads together for a solution to the problem they were given. They had 3 hours. Then they had a spontaneous challenge in front of judges, then lunch. A break before they presented their solution in 10 minutes only to the judges.

And then the tournament began. It was so wonderful walking the grounds of UWA, the buildings alone were just magnificent, every detail. The gardens like something from a dream. The sounds, the scents, it was truly an experience just being there.

TOM uni

The kids were so nervous but confident, happy and most definately a unit. They sat together, chatted together, worked together, enjoying the seats in the lecture theatre that had side tables that folded down.

It was inspiring to see the other teams present their solutions to the same problem, all different, all creative. How wonderful to see how the minds of these students up with various ideas. I think it was especially good for the primary students to see the secondary students’ solutions.

We didn’t know who would win, but at the end of the day when we all assembled in the grand Winthrop Hall, everyone felt like winners. These were the highest achivievers in the state. They announced the winners of each category and the honours for each. Of course we all know that Em’s team did win, but sitting there waiting for the announcement was nerve-racking and when we heard the name of our school the country bumkins in us Gero folk came out. Whoop whoop!

TOM Trophy

Oh, we are on overload of Emily photos now, so I’ll leave you with some of our celebrations SingStar Style with my Brother and Sister-I-L, we know how to have fun. We all sang and laughed till midnight.

And yes I sound as bad as I look.

TOM singstar me

But boy we had entertainment.

TOM Singstar Whitney

Even Whitney had a go. We sounded better than her though.
Ha ha, check out the close up of this shot. Boy we are hot!

TOM Singstar close

Not! Gee I am glad Cruel Carl from Idol wasn’t there picking on us.

TOM Ikea

The next morning we headed out with my Brother and Sister I-L for lunch and a spot of Ikea shopping. Little O is getting to be a Big Boy O now, (I will forever more call him Little O though, he is super cute) We could have spent all day in Ikea, but alas there was a trip home to be driven and we were all getting pretty tired.

Em was keen to get her uniform on and sling that gold medal around her neck this morning for school, and when I got home from work she was tearing up pieces of scrapbook paper and modpodging them onto a frame she is making for her Team facillitator, Mrs Blake. Shhh, it’s a surprise. They are all very grateful to their teacher. She is a wonderwoman and they love her. What a credit to the school.


13 responses to “Our weekend

  1. Can’t imagine singstar being anywhere as good without Andrew…! A bit jealous of the shopping too…although shopping up a storm with jewellery right now so can’t complain too much! Sigh…we are just too far away….

  2. OMG, looking at those photo’s makes me smile. What a fantastic time we had. I’m glad you kept that dressing room photo’s out. I had a ball and was so happy i could share the Winthrop Hall with you. xoxo

  3. Yep, wicked fun.

  4. I am loving that gorgeous photo of Em looking up to the camera……….don’t suppose you can email it to me??? After you’ve prettied it up in Photoshop???

    • Photoshop away. I will send it to you. Wish I could brush her hair photoshop style and straighten that part! Will send it SOOC to you in the next couple of days (on my camera at home and working for the next couple of days, nights too) If I get time to play I will, what would you like me to do to it?

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