Wildflower Season

It’s hayfever season here. Luckily I no longer suffer. Don’t know how that happened, but thankfully I am no longer a sneezy red-eyed bleary mess when the flowers come out.

And are they out!

Coal Seam yellow

In masses. We drove out to the Coal Seam today, and if you love wildflowers you will love this area this time of year. Mullewa has some fantastic displays too. Flowers for as far as you can see. Yellow here, pink and white on the other side.

Coal Seam Em

This is just a beautiful land. How grateful I am to be living in such a place.

Coal Seam Bee

The bees are pretty content too.

Coal Seam Blue

We had such a lovely day, driving out to the countryside, stopping to take photos and enjoy the sunshine. I got my first look at the wind turbines at Walkaway, (I know I know.. we don’t go out that way often) and the kids had a chance to run around. No playstation… who would have thought you could have so much fun climbing the rocks and exploring the riverbeds.

Coal Seam Matt

Even the tiniest of flowers are so beautiful.

Coal Seam yellow tiny

The rain held off even though Pop said it was forecast, and we only got a few intermittant showers on the drive home. Enough to make the dust really stick to the cars.

Coal Seam David Lauren

The views are amazing, everything is so colourful, a stark contrast to our Summer months.

Coal Seam

You wont catch me out here in the heat of Summer. I’m more likely to be sitting in the airconditioning somewhere.

Coal seam orange

It’s a bit of an effort to get going so early (for us) on a Sunday morning, to make the decision for a family outing, but so worth it. We swapped passengers there and back, and it was a nice chance to hang out somewhere different. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. especially when the King introduced them to the Sandycow Beetle. He used to have them as pets when he was a kid. Sounds a bit deprived if you ask me.

Coal Seam Daniel Sandy

My boys quickly grew to love this little beetle, taking turns with holding him/her. I however, did not fight for the right to hold the bug. Nope. Not me.

Coal Seam Family

Mum took off down river for a wander, so I didn’t get a snap with her and the kids, but Miss L kindly took one of our lot. Boy they are getting big now.

We made it to the Walkaway Tavern in the nick of time for lunch, and then it was homeward bound. Didn’t get any washing done, but it was a lovely day.


5 responses to “Wildflower Season

  1. Waht an awesome family day out! Sometimes you just have to leave the washing for another day…………..we had a horrible cold wet miserable day down here, so it was a bit of sewing and a play with stamps and ink for me!

  2. We used to have sandy cows for pets when we were kids. The wildflowers look beautiful, Must take a trip out to see them.

  3. It really was a wonderful day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had never seen so many flowers in one place. It was beautiful being there with family. Thanks for a lovely day. xoxo

  4. Looks like a great family day out. I must admit to missing those sort of days now that our kids are grown.

  5. ooh yeh we used to have sandycow pets too… they are lots of fun. We used to keep ours so long and throw an occasional tree branch in the old shoe box to keep them nourished. Sometimes they would escape and we’d find them in all sorts of places throughout the house… they can move i gotta tell ya!

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