Children’s pets

Well after reading that SandyCows are indeed a pet that a Geraldton child might have, I feel the need to apologise for calling my dear King “deprived”. That was kinda harsh. Seems it’s not so weird after all.
That said, I thought about my childhood.

Then I remembered.

I remembered the pet I had.

And I didn’t keep it in a shoebox. It had a real cage. My Dad made it for me.

Then I got to thinking about another pet I had.

And I think I am the weird one.

Now… family are obviously in the know here… but I had my own deprived childhood.

No dogs for me.

No cats either… unless you count the stray I found and kept under my bed. Peee – ewww.

So… any guesses?


9 responses to “Children’s pets

  1. Hmmm, had to open the memory bank for this one. I know the one that was in the cage dad built.

    Do you remember my small pet that I had?

    I do recall we had a spiney tailed lizard (is that what they’re called).

    A-hem, we did have a dog – Trixie. You even named her.
    That stray was called Sooty. A black cat in the time when you have permed hair.

  2. My guess is a lizard or skink or something like that. I hope it wasn’t an S word. Tell me tell me tell me….

  3. Please tell me it wasn’t a mouse. I really, really don’t like mice.

  4. A Wombat, we had one once…. 🙂

  5. Here Stinky Stinky Stinky…..

  6. Don’t forget Kayfa and Jayfa…. …after Dad killed their mummy.

  7. not one of those weird wormy things??!

  8. How about a little white rat? A stinky little rat! It began with bringing one home from school to tend for the weekend, if my memory serves me correctly?

    I do recall the cat (Sooty?) was subjected to being dressed in your dolls clothes! (Narrogin WA) Have the photo as proof. Want it?

  9. What about the ghekos that your brother and stepbrothers used to put in your suitcase when we went on the camping trips so they could get great delight out of when they heard you SCREAM when you found them ???

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