Lego men

Dude gets dumped from truck

Ahh truck... dump truck.

It’s no secret that any male family member I have is (or was) (or secretly was and still is)… into Lego.

So when I  came across the blog “A Lego A Day” ages ago, my twins were wrapt! Every day they would anxiously look to see what photograph he’d come up with next.

Then it ended. There were 365 posts. One years worth. I applaude him being able to think up that many scenes and captions and his photography was great.

So the boys came up with a plan… to make their own photos with Lego Mini Figs, seeing as they are their favourites. That was ages ago, and I came across the images the other day whilst filing.

This is the work of Child #3. I took the photograph, he set it up. No prizes for guessing which adult male came up with the caption.

So, go take a look at the blog that inspired the boys here. I’m sure you’ll find yourself going back through all the previous posts. I think it’s cool.


2 responses to “Lego men

  1. Looks interesting… I have put it on My Favourites to show the grandsons next time they are here… sure they will LOVE it too… their playroom is full of Lego too, we still have some here from when my boys were young that the grandies play with when here too….

  2. Hey cute as!!! I love lego…so does Georgie.

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