Off to Perth early tomorrow morning with our big boy, child #1. Early flight, have to be there at 6.30 am. That in itself might just kill me.

This time its to see an Orthopedic surgeon at Princess Margaret Hospital.


Big sigh


Not that I know anything about orthopedic surgeons. The name alone is enough to scare me. “Surgeon” sounds scary, sounds invasive, sounds painful. Tomorrow will tell more and I guess I just have to suck it in, put on my brave face and go.

His feet you see, are quite twisted. They always have been trouble for him, and he has worn a series of AFO (Artificial Foot Orthotics) for years. But they seem to be getting worse, and lately they are blue a lot.

Now I don’t have many photos of his little warped feet, but I found this one taken earlier in the year. They tend to sweep both to one side.

Josh feet

For him, being a diabetic is an issue too. Any time it’s cold they get blue as the circulation is pretty bad.

Josh feet close

The King uses the hairdryer sometimes at night, or wheat bags… whatever works to warm up those little piggies. Hopefully there is some good news for Joshua.

I’ll keep ya posted on the outcome.


2 responses to “Flying

  1. Will be thinking of you and Josh and sending out positive vibes. Here’s hoping that they come up with a plan that makes his feet for comfortable for him.

  2. thats it, just suck it up, put your big girl pantie on & cope, (some how we do), Im so proud of you & Andres & how you cope with what life throws at you all, love to all the family.

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