The upside

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be in someone else’s life?
Wonder what it would be like to have the life of an incredibly wealthy person, who can buy anything their heart desires, to feel that freedom. Or wonder what it would feel like to be a brilliant artist, who has that natural flair and talent. Or wonder how a person who has 14 children copes with everyday tasks and how difficult it must be. Or wonder how the child in a 3rd world country feels like being hungry every single day.

I think wondering about these things, somehow is just human nature. We think how we might feel if we put ourselves in their shoes for a while. It makes us humans compassionate, more able to relate.

Maybe some of my readers have wondered what it might feel like if it were their own child that was going through what mine is now.


For me, today, I think about my boy, I wonder what he feels. While I am feeling worried for him, sad for him, even angry for him, I know he isn’t feeling these things. He is an adored  little man. He is surrounded by people who love him, and would give him anything they could. He has a happy home, two devoted parents and 3 fabulous siblings. He has grandparents and extended family, aunts and uncles who love him.  He lives in a nice house, in a nice area and goes to a great school. He is unaware of the upcoming surgery and somehow being oblivious, right now, is a blessing.

So while I worry about all the things he has missed out on in life, he actually has the good stuff all there, in abundance. This is his life and he is loved. So, while it’s not fun for him when things aren’t going well, the upside is that he is not feeling sad, or angry or worried. He is just being Josh.


6 responses to “The upside

  1. Tania & Andrew, you are both such great parents, Josh is so lucky to have you to love & care for him, just as he is. Not all disabled kids are so fortunate to have the stability & unconditional love you all share. You both do a wonderful job for all your kids & are an inspiration to me. Love to you all, enjoy this beautiful day, Rachel xxx

  2. Love can help with coping with pain and Josh has plenty of that from his family and friends . Best wishes to you and your family


  4. What a beautiful precious photo Tania…. memories forever…. hope all goes well, will be thinking of you all over the next few months, Josh sure is lucky to have you as his Mum….

  5. You made me cry at work!!! That is so gorgeous Tania. You are both beautiful parents and he is surrounded by people who absolutely adore him.

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