Positive focus

Time to look toward what I can do to make things better. That means, sooking time over… get a grip… put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

I would like to thank you all for your kind and supportive comments, it is uplifting to read and know that you guys are there. Thank you.

Those who know us well would know we are looking at building a new room for Joshua as his needs have changed as he has grown, and he is still growing. Darn kids all just keep growing. It’d be so much easier if they just slowed down, man I have needed so many new clothes and shoes for my lot this year!

So, we are building on. Thank goodness for big blocks in our area. And before anyone starts to be concerned… my darling King is not building it, otherwise Josh might be an old man before it’s finished. No we have a builder, our good friend and carer Kevin. Joshua loves Kev. (He rides a motorbike and lovingly calls Josh “Meat-head”) Kev the Builderman. This already has been in the pipeline for over a year, but the ball is rolling again and I am keen to have it ready for when Josh comes home from hospital for recovery. That’s a plan. Sounds like one anyway.

Our meeting with the Senior Occupational Therapist, Disability Services Local Area Co-ordinator and Variety Club secretary actually was the day before we went to PMH. They are all so helpful and encouraging, and very keen to see something suitable for Joshua in the way of bathing. (Currently he is still being bathed in the laundry tub which is kinda getting difficult seeing as he is 14 next month).  They didn’t know anything about his upcoming surgery, but already have told me to get cracking on this. So cracking I will be… in between everything else.

So, I have something positive to focus on for Joshua to look forward to and are meeting with BuilderKev tomorrow to have plans drawn up.


One response to “Positive focus

  1. Would be an incredible achievement and such a blessing to have it all done by then……..good luck! xxx

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