Need something lighter

This weeks posts have been a little heavy.


How about this to lighten the mood….


Child #3 was mucking around (can you imagine? I know I know… it’s hard) anyway I had just about enough of it, and asked Miss L to ask him if he’d brushed his teeth as she was heading that way. He was supposed to have brushed his teeth, put his pj’s on and be heading to bed.

This is how it went.

Miss L ” Hey, have you brushed your teeth?”

Child #3 “No no no, it’s ok. I’ve had a Mintie”

Miss L, cracking up” You want to CLEAN your teeth, not just have clean breath”

Child #3 in all seriousness ” No, no no. I rubbed it in”.


What can one say?


3 responses to “Need something lighter

  1. Thats great that ur gorge family can once again pull your strenths together and look ahead you sure are a tough group .

  2. That’s a classic one!

  3. Haha is was very cute.

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