We have been so busy with the kids on school holidays that I have been forgetting to blog. I just love hanging out with my kids. They’ve done all sorts of craft, we even went to the beach and I’ve been walking too. Last night Miss L and I hand made all our Christmas Cards… shove me up a gumtree and call me a koala… all my Christmas Cards are done.
Tonight was family dinner night, it was warm enough for BBQ, alongside a roaring fire, and later we shook the house with Pictionary. Oh the rivalry, it ended up being a late one. A loud late one.
When the camera is charged I’ll find some photos of the kids crafts and take one also of the layout I did of my clever Child#2 in Perth.
I have also been meaning to post about my pets as a child, in answer to a post a while back, but got sidetracked (not like me huh? haha) with Josh’s story.

This was not my pet… but have you ever seen a baby hedgehog? Not me.
Too cute too be real.

baby hedgehog 1

baby hedgehog

baby hedgehog 3

baby hedgehog 4

This isn’t something we are ever likely to see here in Australia, but oh my GOODNESS — how cute!
Now I wish I had one of these as a pet!
Mine however, which I still haven’t revealed, was quite sharp also, but certainly not a cute little hedgehog.
Will find a photo and post tomorrow.


3 responses to “Blogging

  1. Ahem! All your cards are done??? Way to go- and I’m normally the ultra-organised one in this family! Better get my skates on and do mine…………

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