Man down

Joshua is home from respite care, he’s been away for 4 days and came home yesterday afternoon. Over the weekend respite was a real treat for us to sleep in REAL late as I didn’t have to work either. The house didn’t get cranking on Saturday till 11. Love it. We have had such a lovely time, shopping, driving, beach, playing and doing regular stuff.

But he’s sick now. He didn’t look well last night, a bit warm,  and now he’s laid up, can hardly open his red puffy eyes, poor love, and when he does he just whines and sooks and cries. His blood sugars are so low and we are just nursing him with sips of sugar water as he can’t keep anything else down. Damned diabetes. Damn it all.

There are a lot of smart people out there working real hard for a cure. One day they will find it and Joshua’s world will be a better place.


6 responses to “Man down

  1. Get betta joshy. kisses kisses xoxo

  2. I was pleased to read that you had a well deserved good time on the weekend but was sad to hear that Josh is not well.
    Hope he picks up real quick .

  3. Hugs from us xxx

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