Bush kids

My strangest pet. A Thorny Mountain Devil Lizard.

So I guess I should take back all SandyCow comments. I am stupid like that, just write whatever I feel like without thinking. And yes, I also did have a mouse (sorry Diana) his name was Stinky, and I loved him most dearly. He was very well trained and didn’t need to be in his cage except to sleep and when I went to school.  But he did stink. Glory be, did he stink! We also had a couple of Kangaroos, K-Fer and J-Fer (K fer Kangaroo and J-fer Joey) they lived in bags hung on doorknobs and were such amazing animals to have and watch grow. My Nanna was so in love with her roos, she looked after them like real babies and they loved her. There also was a lamb, Sam, which turned out to be a Ram. He was Lesley’s. She could have him! He was nice to her, but a bully to the rest of us.


This is not the actual lizard, therefore not my photo, but one just like it. My little lizard was lighter in colour, but just as small. Not very cute in some people’s eyes… but very sweet in nature. Not what you would expect.

It was so long ago, I forget his name, but it was etched in the wooden cage he called home for a while. Dad made me the cage from an old birds-nesting box and he liked to eat ants.


We lived in Cocklebiddy for a while. Look that up on Googlemaps.com and you’ll see why didn’t have a petshop, it’s in the middle of the Nullabor and one of the most fabulous places I have ever lived (besides here of course). We had no television, no kids other than our family(my brother, my aunt – a year older – and me)  and no school, unless you count ‘School of the Air’ which was a right scam. We spent most of our days wandering around the bush, making stuff and being adventurous (and hiding from my little brother who spent much of his time looking for us) Oh we have some fabulous stories from our Nullabor days, from the “rainwater” sagas to the “caravan finds” and the “underground cubbies’, complete with redback spider haven. My Mother would have died a thousand deaths if she knew what we were up to most of the day. Oh but she did find out about the time we made one of the motel units into a “Spaceship”.

That was the coolest projects EVER. Then the little brother got wind of it.. and we had to let him in on it… and he sold us out.
He wasn’t very good at sneaking as he was only about 6, so I guess he is off the hook.
But the Spaceship was awesome. You see, we had found the “master key”. The special magical key that opens every door. Oh, what a find. The master key to all the units, and the units weren’t all used very often. It’s not like the Wedgetail Inn at Cocklebiddy is the place that is high on anyone’s dream holiday destinations. So we made use of one of the unused rooms, and we got a roll of aluminum foil. The hugest roll of foil you have ever seen, used for catering. It went a LONG way. We covered just about everything we could in the room in foil and the mirror with the desk became our flight deck window with the desk as the control panel with all manner of buttons drawn on. Even the hatch (door) was covered. We had our chairs become the pilots seats and when the little brother sniffed us out,  we made him a special helmet (don’t remember where we flogged that from, one of the cooks I think) and covered it in foil so he could join our now mission. Now a 3 manned flight, but not for long. Sneaking 3 kids out of view and quiet is a tirgger for the adults to come looking, especially when one is little. Oh boy did we get busted. But not nearly as bad as we got busted over the rainwater tank incident but that’s another story…

We sure had the times of our lives there.


8 responses to “Bush kids

  1. OMG that sounds like wicked. We should do that to your house on Sunday night!!!!

  2. Your little brother recalls those times with great fondness……

  3. They really were the best days of our lives. So much freedom – so little responsibility.
    I also recall the Chrysler Valiant that dad built from two crashed cars. It had two sets of wheels welded together driving the rear end with a massive bull bar that we used to go bush bashing in. Don’t forget the mass car graveyard out the back of the service station. What about when that aeroplane landed and dad filled it up at the bowser. Aaahhh memories.
    School of the Air was crap. Try learning your alphabet on a two-way radio… Who remembers “Rhubarb and Lemonade”?

    I had a beer in the bar in 2002. Place hasn’t changed much – still looks the same. It’s more renowned for UFO’s now.

    Ahhh yes, Stinky. It was fun making Lego houses for him to run around it. Pity he got his little head stuck in the doors.

  4. Your Dad often talks about the Cocklebiddy days and says it was great , except maybe for the times he worked the “graveyard shift” and he’d have to get out in the middle of the night to fill up the semitrailers with up to 2000 litres of diesel.

    • He was always so proud of that photo, the one where he was filling up the airplane in the servo.
      Don’t recall the graveyard shift, being a kid there was pretty different to working it.

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