Holidays are almost over

As usual, the school holidays saw my family being lazy, making stuff, cracking jokes, making more stuff, cooking stuff, and most importantly of all – sleeping in. Thank goodness I don’t start work till 10.


Children #’s 2, 3 and 4 all got into sewing, with different projects on the go.


They also got into simple woodwork, painting, drawing, balloon art, skating, scootering, arguing, fighting, and of course plenty of computer games.


More stuff beautiful artwork to adorn my home. sigh.

Balloon girl

Halloween invites

The kids have been helping with the halloween invitations. Child #4 was very quiet for a while and I found him sticking them on the fridge and “positioning” them. There were a couple holding hands, some lying about, and the funniest one he said “was the one scratching his butt”. Typical. As you’d know, I do love a dress up party, and the year wouldn’t be complete without the annual dress-up party at halloween. Just a bit of fun and a great excuse to go a little nuts.


The King of the House got motivated with the warmer days and went out the salvage yard to buy some wall panelling for the cubby. He’s looking for some small windows now for the front. Anyone got any old windows lying around?


and the rest of us got motivated too and cleaned up the backyard some. Look… you can walk out there now ! My goodness.


And check out that awesome garden arch that was bought for her from certain ‘proud’ family members after her Tournament of Minds win in Perth. She has spent some pocket money on plants too and has been watering them with a can daily. I hope they settle in before our harsh Summer sun sets in. We didn’t plug it in the ground hard enough the first time and it fell, damaging plants near the cubby, then when we put it in here, it fell again, luckily it didn’t take any casualties with it.


I really enjoy these times at home, lazing about, listening to the arguing chatter of my children. The late nights, the later mornings. A couple more days and it will be back to the regular drill, and you know what? I kinda love the regular drill too.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays, whatever you’re doing… or whatever you’re not doing.


One response to “Holidays are almost over

  1. I love that the boys are sewing!

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