Wandering the Estate today

Today is the last day of the school holidays.
Two weeks of kids home full-time with no rigid rules or routines. I cut back on my yelling to pick stuff up (just a little) and kids could do as they pleased. Well, sort of. And they did.

Today was the day that I looked at the ‘aftermath’. You know like you do the day after a party. Well, there was plenty of mess, but I’ll spare you that. Of course, the King was set up to watch the Bathurst race on the tv (Wendy is there… i couldn’t see her in the crowd but I’ll bet her tent got MIGHTY wet)

So today whilst wandering around I took my camera with me so you can see the tour.  Well, of course you can’t see the dirty dishes, unswept floor and the washing on the table like real guests, but you’ll get an idea. So, anyways,  I’ll share what I found around the house, the ‘products’ of the holidays.


Child #4 made a Toucan – it had a blow-out because he wanted to stuff him as much as he possibly could.. oops. Ah well, kept him busy for ages!


Then there’s the wooden Panda by Child #3. He has forgiven me for breaking it. I picked it up to photograph it, by the head no less. The head stayed in my hand and the rest fell to the ground with a loud bang. Child #3 wasn’t watching, and spun around to the sound. He took one look at my horrified face and said immediately in defence “It wasn’t me”. How funny. When he actually saw what I was looking, so worried about (now in 6 pieces), he was a tad upset. Luckily he owes me a few and I was forgiven.

halloween invites2

Some invites have made their way into envelopes. Geez they took a while to cut out and brad together! It’s shaping up to be another fun night.

Bradded man

And this litle man has been poking out from some of my photo boxes for a week now. He’s lost his forearms, but he’s still smiling.

Boys room mess

And this sort of stuff is all over the floor in the twins room. It’d be like a mine field in the night as they go to the bathroom in the dark, so I’ve kicked it aside and they are under strict orders to clean it all up after school tomorrow.


Child #4’s dinosaur turned out pretty cool. He painted that quietly one morning before I woke. Later he added magnets to the mouth, so it can be in hte open postion or closed so it doesn’t look so ferocious. I was impressed when I saw the painting pallette he’d used, that he’d mixed his colours to create that really dark green for the stripes.


And this? Well… no idea, but it looks mighty cool.

Dans bubble contraption

And this one tried my patience. Child #4 this time. Can I have a bottle? Can i have some bubbles. Can I have some wire? Can I cut up these mini bubble blowing wands? Beg beg beg. I need another bottle. I need a cork. I need your scissors. i need another bottle. Oops. Made a mess. I need an eraser. Please. beg beg beg. Can I use your paper piercer? Can I can I can I/ oh ooos, made another mess.
One thing, when your child is obsessive compulsive, it means that they can occupy themselves with something for a long time. As long as it’s what they want to do. This idea was in Child #4’s head and he just kept at it until his idea worked. I am proud that he can invent something, but it really does my head in sometimes, coming in and out of the house, asking for stuff, and not knowing if he is ‘using’ stuff, or ‘wasting’ stuff. 
You turn the handle, and blow. The wands dip in and the idea is that you get continuous bubbles. Or lots of mess.

Junk Art

This did the King’s head in. The pair of boys kept bringing out stuff from his shed to make “JUNK ART” with.  Clearly the King does not see his things as junk and just about blew a fuse when they asked for the fiftyth time to use the welder. THE WELDER! They had this all planned out to be a robot, the springs would be his legs.

Junk Art 2

this was the most treasured find.. they just loved the lever in it. I have no idea what they had planned, but the lightglobes look suspicious. They must have had a ball rummaging through their old man’s shed.


There are all manner of ‘things” lying around. Like Scooters…


and skates.

Em's sewing

Child #2 is much like me… with 3 projects on the go at once, none of them looking like they will get finished. Here we have a cross-stitch, a friendship bracelet and some cool paper beads Nat and Issy taught her how to make this week.

Matt sewing

Here’s #3’s finished sewing project… VERY COOL. I love this. He did every bit himself from the kit, excepting the two knots on the bottom of the feet. Wicked job, better keep this one away from Georgie.

Flower pen

I discovered this pen in the Princess’ room, she has obviously raided my paper, ribbon, flower and gem supplies to make another of these little numbers. This one is for her teacher.


Then I found this… I think I might be needing it. It’s a stress ball. Two balloons and some sand. Stress Ball Sand

and of course… where’s there’s stress balls, there’s sand. A whole bag of it. This bag was in my laundry, suffice to say there was sand in my laundry too. It’s been shifted to the back table, where it’s stayed for a week, maybe longer.

Big cleanup on this week.

Retreat on this weekend.

Then next week Child #2 and I are off to Brisbane.

Then it’s Child #1’s birthday.

Then it’s my birthday.

Then it’s our halloween party.



3 responses to “Wandering the Estate today

  1. Your kids are sooo cool and creative……love the stitching work the best…….but the mess would drive me a little nuts- hope it all gets picked up and put away this arvo after school!

  2. What a lot of fun you guys had !!![wish I was there to make stuff too]

  3. …more constructive than tennis ball and fireworks…

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