Tonight’s packing night… and what am I doing? Looking in on my favourite blogs, checking on my emails, going through photos and yep… posting on my blog. Do you do stuff like that? Get sidetracked, when you know you should be doing something else? Happens to me all the time.

Gotta get ready for retreat… have you seen how much stuff I have to sort through to work out what I am going to take and what I am going to leave behind? Don’t worry about clothing or toiletrees, there will be no room.

Not only do I have to pack for retreat, but I have to pack for Brisbane too, because I’ll be working before we go next week and there isn’t a day spare.


I sure am one to cram as much into one little life as I can.


I am so looking forward to both of these events… but dislike packing so much.

Must go.


Must go now.


Not coming back till I’m done.


4 responses to “Packin

  1. Ha ha , how predictable Tania. I must say i’m not packed yet either but we have had people over or gone out every night this week so it is tonight. My god, what will i wear!!! See you tomorrow. xoxo

  2. I wish I could be coming with you all, maybe next year.
    Have a fantastic time !

  3. I wish I could come too……but I have a weekend off work while Chris goes to Collie….might get some scrapping done

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