Maxed Out

Oh my, the retreat was fabulous.


But we did have a feeling it would be.


I can’t believe how exhausted I am. Think that staying up till after 4am might have something to do with that. I think I can safely say from all of us that we had a great time,  got some serious scrapbboking done (and some not so serious) and we sure had a lot of laughs.

Normally i’d promise to post photos later of the things I missed and some of the work… but I am not going to promise, I just know it will be a stretch this time of year to get that happening, so no promises. I simply won’t have time.  If it happens it happens.

Retreat 09 Queen

Rock N Roll dress up night prizes went to:  
Jenny K
Kitty B
Kaye E

Challenge Prizes went to:
Michelle S
Tania L
Kitty B

Queen of the Crop prizes went to:
Nat P
Kaye E
Basilia F


The creativity in that room over the last 48 hours was a buzz. Hopefully some of it will find it’s way onto our walls for display. I am so inspired that I really want to get to my scrap desk, but unfotunately matchsticks aren’t going to be enough to keep my eyes open right now, even though I have pages planned. There was no way I’d get to them, but they will be there for me when I get back next week.

Retreat 09 bedroom antics

The first night wasn’t a quiet one either. I had NOTHING to do with the noise that came from my room. Nothing I tell ya! Poor Michelle R got  a bit squished between 2 mattresses. Talk about laugh.

Retreat 09 bedroom mattress

There were plenty of practical jokes happening too, and photos like this appeared on my mobile phone. (Raelene I hope they cleaned it ALL up!) Nat’s suitcase was gladwrapped – Miss L had brought a 150 metre caterers pack of gladwrap and boy it got a work out! Turned out it wasn’t Nat’s bag though and Michele copped a whole load of jokes that weren’t aimed at here. Poor Michele. My slippers were found in the freezer – they came out like iceblock tap shoes. Miss L’s bed was shortsheeted and Michelle S’s  b ed was gladwrapped with her suitcase on top. There were frozen peas and brocolli my heeled shoes and I won’t even tell you what was in the bottom of my socks! In the end I was scared to even use my toothbrush!

Retreat 09 Mum and I

My sexy Mamma! We all dressed up, this year’s theme was Rock N Roll and we had the Juke Box playing. That was a good idea. I just love music when I scrap, even better when we know the words.

Retreat 09 Pink Lady Jacket

Retreat 09 Kaye Elvis

Elvis has now left the building. He (she) travelled up by car this year from Perth to hang with us. Mwah Kaye!

Retreat 09 Lauren Twirl

Miss L loved the ‘twirly’ skirt.

Retreat 09 drinkers

and of course there were a few of us who had a drink or two to celebrate.


A couple of Angels with “hooters” . haha….. what a blast!


8 responses to “Maxed Out

  1. You guys always have so much fun. I want to send Louise up for the next one – she’ll have a ball. When’s the next one scheduled?

    • Always fun. This year I enjoyed it the most – very relaxed and a little bit crazy!
      Same time next year… first weekend in Term 4. Already booked.

  2. Looks like heaps of fun, and Kitty looks hot in that Grease get-up!

  3. It was a great weekend Tan… thankyou so much… Ihave sore ribs today and I’m not sure if it’s from squashing someone with a mattress or from laughing so so much… but i don’t care cause i had a hoot with my hooter!!!!!!!

  4. OMG what wickedly awsome fun i had. That was a hoot!! (get it get it) I can not wait for next year. I must remember to buy shaving cream and vasaline. hehe xoxo

  5. Hey i’m glad i deleted that other photo of me jumping on the bed. Other wise you may have been tempted to blog that one TOO!!!

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