OMG ~ the news crew are coming to the school today to interview the WA Junior SS Tournament of Minds (T.O.M.) team ! How exciting. Watch out on WIN tonight. You might see my baby girl. So glad I made her take off the short (paint marked and torn!) uniform and ironed her another this morning.
Leaving for Brisbane in the morning. 4am What were we thinking?


6 responses to “Newsworthy

  1. Have a wonderful trip and good luck Emily!

  2. Good Luck to all concerned and have a wonderful trip..

  3. Good luck Emily, knock em dead! xxx

  4. Emily,we hope you have great fun in Brisbane and we hope you win !!!
    Love from Oma and Opa.

  5. Thankyou thankyou for your messages, emails, texts and visits.

    Just ‘going’ is an honour, they will do their best and we will make sure they have a lot of fun too (I am hiding lollies in my bag, they’re not allowed at the hostel, so we’ll smuggle them to the kids on our outings hee hee) Still learning the new phone, but will try to update if I can find a maccas with free wi-fi.
    Cheers. See you in a week!

  6. Go Em. Knock ’em dead.

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