Last Wednesday (T.O.M.)


Last night I was making a list and checking it twice… making sure everything is just a-ok. I am the kind of weirdo that makes a list of days and activities, and then lists what items I am going to wear, depending on where we will, be and what we will be doing. Day one was: new black skirt/comfy black top and nice high heels – for travel in the car and on the plane. Comfy, breathable clothes, not much walking. Day two –  shopping and Dreamworld at night walking shoes, 3/4 pants, or jeans if needed – oh you get the picture , I know, crazy.

We had 2 girls for sleepovers, but I knew they wouldn’t get much sleep as I would be waking them at 3.30 for the road trip. Surprisingly they were very good. Very excitable, but very good. It’d be a long trip there.

My Irish Biddy Friend collected us in her van and the 6 of us were on our way.

The fog on the road was just beautiful and it was a good trip down, the girls had a concert in the back seats, and talked non-stop. Can you imagine that? 4 girls and an ipod hooked up to the car speakers? We arrived in Perth early, booked the car in and headed to the airport. We were way early, as planned. Soon the WA teams arrived and it was time for the parents to leave the kids as we were on a different flight. Our flight went via Sydney, left earlier than the kids, but arrived later. That would be ok, because we heard that they had Krispy Cream Donuts, and it would be worth it. What a long day it would be.

Just as we were on the runway we had to taxi back for maintenance as the door lock was jammed, turned out it was a bit of paper. Oh that bit of paper did cause a problem! So we left late, which meant that when we got to Sydney there was no time for Donuts. Bummer. We got off one gate and walked straight onto the plane in the next gate, which also meant that when we got to Brisbane, our luggage was missing. Double Bummer. The realisation that I would have to wear these clothes and heels the next day was not pretty. I was already stinky and no toiletries, oh my goodness- how was I going to go to Dreamworld in HEELS! My list writing exercise had failed me, I had not prepared for NO LUGGAGE. Darn that piece of paper stuck in the airplane door. We must have stunk pretty bad as the airport man gave us our special “Qantas Pack” and in it was toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and a whole bunch of other stuff along with a really neat pair of grey pj’s sporting the Qantas logo.

We were sexy devils in our pj’s, but thankfully we had some! I’ll spare The Irish Biddy the embarrassement of pj photos, but didn’t they look a treat?

TOM me Qantas pj's

We took the shuttle to the city, then the ferry to Miss L’s Mum’s place, that was a beautiful trip and we were the typical tacky tourists up the front of the ferry looking at everything in the cool air. It’s so quiet on the river, and I am not used to “quiet” but it was just beautiful. The bridges especially.

TOM view from Irene's

This is the view from Miss L’s parents’  apartment. Kinda cool huh?

The Irish Biddy kept me up talking and laughing all night, and other friends kept messaging me something about a dog and a desk, and it was well after midnight before we finally closed the eyes.

Sleep – Bliss.


2 responses to “Last Wednesday (T.O.M.)

  1. tell us all about the dog and the desk… sounds interesting??????

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