Last Thursday T.O.M.

Sorry for the belated posts. Life is whizzing at a great rate of knots and I am barely keeping up. Yesterday was my birthday ~ thanks to my family and friends for a lovely day, and to my beautiful husband for the biggest bunch of flowers I have ever  had. Oh how I love flowers.

So I will continue to post old posts now from our trip to Brisbane, the ones that didn’t make it to an internet connection last week.


We didn’t wake early today, but when we did, our hosts had already gone. Realising it’d be too far from the kids, we had to bunk in at the hostel so we had Qantas deliver our luggage there. However I still had to wear the heels there. OMG. The 15 minute walk took me nearly 25 and my feet were almost bleeding by the time we got to the ferry. The Irish Biddy heard all about it. Anyone within hearing distance heard all about it! I was barefoot by the time we got to the city. So the bottoms of my feet were now tender from the hot concrete and harsh gravel. I wasn’t going to make it. I saw a cab and jumped at the chance to have someone drive me in air-conditioned comfort. After he took us, I realised that it would have been a ½ hour walk. We made it.. Our bags were here. But our kids weren’t. Ah well, at least I could put my new flat shoes on… the trusty Dunlop’s. The kids were in the city and we would walk there to meet them, but not before a change of clothes, practical, walking clothes.


But the shoes were not going to play the game. I had blisters on the top and sides and also on the toes  and I thought the balls of my feet were going explode, but when we got to real walking in the Dunlop’s… OMG now I have blisters on the heels of my feet. And yes, everyone heard about it. We passed a Krispy Kreme Donut shop, but were in too much of a hurry to try and find the team for lunchtime. Darn it all.


We found our kids, we hadn’t seen them since yesterday morning in Perth and they all looked like they could do with a sleep. They looked shattered; my girl was near to tears she was so exhausted. She was pretty happy to see me though, so that was nice, and I could buy her a juice. It’s a long time to be in the same place, but not able to see your kid.

The Irish Biddy (wonder how long it will take before I get in trouble for calling her that hee hee) and I, took our girls and I went to a shoe shop, where I shelled out a lot of money for a set of Nike’s. I could have kissed the man at the shop I was so happy to have something decent on my feet.  

We headed back to the hostel and put the girls down for a 16 minute sleep. That’s all we could offer them, so we set our alarm clocks and bunked in. Boy howdy we were all so tired. Unfortunately we were 2 minutes late back to their floor and they had lost the opportunity to shower and also got into trouble. Boot camp eat ya heart out! My girl is not used to being in trouble, and not being allowed to shower meant that she would have to be up earlier than everyone else the next morning as they were heading to Dreamworld in one hour till late … and they already had an early start planned. So, of course, boot camp wasn’t much fun when your so tired and told off.

Excitedly we boarded the bus for Dreamworld – T.O.M. had booked it for the kids, no public for the night. What a buzz. Of course my girl fell asleep immediately and had to be woken when we arrived. She sure woke up when we started those fabulous rides! Oh my, we sure had fun! We went on everything that was open and screamed and laughed and took lots of photos. Mrs Blake and I braved the Claw and screamed so much I thought we’d lose our voices. Never again. I came off the ride with tears from my eyes, hair all messed everywhere and spit all over my face from screaming… not very attractive. Lucky I didn’t pee my pants! Then we were up for the Cyclone as well as the wipeout – those kids were so much fun. They just loved it, even Mr H who wasn’t quite sure and Miss T, who would have thought she’d be up for it? Her Mum wouldn’t believe how brave she was, would we bringing home a different girl?  Should have seen Miss S’s  face when she thought the Wipeout ride was over, it started up all again and the look was priceless as it raised up high then tipped upside down. Miss C , as expected, was up for everything!
The end of the night we were given Fish and Chips for dinner and then it was Disco time, very loud music and hundreds of excited happy and fun-loving kids. Watching them all dancing and playing together was such a sight. Our WA kids all stuck together, and it was such a pleasure seeing them so happy, boys and girls, younger years and older years, all so deserving of being there. They had worked hard and this was such a treat. Queensland sure were great hosts.

TOM Disco

We didn’t get home till late, must have been nearly midnight before we hit the pillow.. and hit it we did!


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