Last Friday – T.O.M.

TOM day Three – Friday

The kids had an early start to be up and out the front, ready to leave as a team for the Opening Ceremony held in the Brisbane City Hall. That was a magnificent hall to be in, the building is beautiful.

The presentation was beautiful, and when all the teams were announced, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous for our kids… they were up against teams from every state in Australia as well as a team from Hong Kong and New Zealand. They were all in very fine company.

After the hot walk back to the hostel it was decided that the kids needed a rest, we had lunch and then the parents were sent away again. Today, we were only with them for the walk home and lunch… and tomorrow we won’t see them till after 1.

We’ve bought them donuts though! They’ve gone to get pizza so we left them in the room and seeing as the parents aren’t wanted we are going out for dinner and we might just have a drink too! It’s off to Southbanks for us.

I’ve done a little shopping and bought something sexy for my King. Can you guess what it would be?


6 responses to “Last Friday – T.O.M.

  1. An new apron for cooking up a storm? Well a lot of male celebrity chefs are sexy……..

  2. Satin boxer shorts with some sort of cartoony thingo on them.

  3. hint… it’s Armani

  4. Somethin’ smelly?

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