Halloween Party

I’ve tried unsuccessfully 3 times to load some halloween photos and captions to this blog tonight. No luck and I’ve run out of time (and patience) it’s late so this is my last attempt. Hopefully they work.

Okay – (yay, doing a little yippee dance) this lot worked. It’s in gallery form instead of my usual posts, but at least they are there.
All my text has dropped though. 😦 and as much as I like talking, I have typed it twice already and now i am just not feeling like repeating it again. i’ll come back tomorrow and fill you in on our fun Halloween night.

I’m back

It’s taken me a day to recover from Halloween – setting up and cleaning up is a big job. Especially when your King had too much to drink and sleeps till lunchtime (I have heard quite a few others also did the same this Sunday – way to go!) I did get breakfast in bed though… someone put rice bubbles one my sheets and ON my thick beautiful woollen underlay. Thanks for that Little B,  Miss L. I had Nat pegged for a trick like that, (and actually would have been good payback for the Nutrigrain in the washbag) but found out it was Miss L. She better watch herself, she’s next! I think I still have Rice Bubble indentations on my butt.

It’s no secret I love a dress up party and Halloween sees the whole neighborhood get into it. We had all sorts this year – even a Buzz Lightyear ~ she was popular with the kids, plenty of spooks, witches and those dressed in black, as well as Hitler (he has a thing for Germany), Batman, Egyptian Godddess (with a skinny butt and not trying to hide it)  and a Pumpkin (she had a fat butt and was just trying to hide it). Loved all the costumes… have to put my thinking cap on for next year and not go looking for something to wear one hour before the party next time.

Our “coffin” esky needed repairs again this year, it’s holding up ok though but the witches didn’t make it into the trees or by the cauldron this year, I just plain ran out of time. Child #2 and I were up late making almost 100 cupcakes the night before, pumpkins and spiders, large and small, eww, black icing! Fun to make though. I loved the graveyard cupcakes we made, the ‘dirt’ is crushed oreos, without the white cream. It was #2 and #4’s jobs to remove all the creams… some get the GOOD jobs.

Even the dunny was decorated with a giant spiderweb and there were rats coming out of the grate on the floor. It’s fun to get into the ‘spirit’ of things and decorate. The sheet over the furniture looks like an abandoned house and it saves my couch from crumbs too.  The ‘curtains’ come out year after year, they really look the part, torn cheesecloth stained with walnut ink , and we had gargoyle this year, with glowing red eyes. Cool what you can get now.

The kids were running about the backyard in the cool wind most of the night, or watching Harry Potter or playing games, it was great to see them all enjoying themselves, I don’t know how many were there… I didn’t even try to do a headcount. All I know is that you can fit a lot of kids around my loungeroom ~ and if they sit on the floor 3 deep you can really jam them in, The movie was up SO LOUD that my lot thought it was amazing I didn’t come in and growl. Must have been fun for them, lollies all round and cake and sausage rolls for dinner.

Well, it’s over now for another year. The Baileys came out of the cupboard, (only slightly out of date – unopened – think I need to drink more) and was emptied amongst us. I really enjoyed those shots, note for next time… lots of Baileys and Butterscotch for our guests, especially my CS Irish Biddy friend who has a liking for them now. 🙂 Wonder if she got the ‘presents’ her friends were depositing in her cloak hood? Snigger. Friends, where would we be without them? My King would be a whole lot less drunk that’s for sure! Thanks Tim for getting him very strong drinks to let his hair down, and to Kev for having Josh for the night ~ the kids have never seen him like that… he was so funny, laughing in the bed of Rice Bubbles. Very funny.

So thanks to our friends ~ we had a great time. xxxx


12 responses to “Halloween Party

  1. As usual, you guys go to so much trouble for Halloween to get everything just right- hope you all had a great time!

    • Hi Louise – we had fun! Lots of kids running about and watching Harry Potter and lots of adults outside making a racket! Our neighbors brace themselves for Halloween – hee hee.
      Next year… Retreat with us AND stay till Halloween! xxx

  2. another fantastic Halloween party. many many laughs, and DH2 was hilarious and in full swing!! He was on a roll, something to do with also not wearing any jocks (letting his hair down ) omg…..great fun and you excelled yourselves again with the decorations and food!!! Yes the irish biddy needs to stay away from the CSBS’s.. loveya hunny.xx

  3. Stop having fun without me!!!!!

  4. Thanx Tan 4 a fun night… hope u took photo of him lying in the rice bubbles… what a crack-up… which i’d thought of that!

  5. HI Tania
    We had a g8 time at the party.Funny I didnt feel unwell the next day i even went to work-maybe I didnt hsve too many of those shots.The kids had a fantastic time Thank you for inviting us.

    The Irish Biddy

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