Layout Share – Book Bombed

I have to admit that this Basic Grey range of paper “Lime Rickey”looked real nice when I was ordering it. I waited for the preorder to arrive and the day it came Michele took some and did a fabulous extension class with it (remember that “You’re the Coolest”page she did?) so the next day we re-ordered enough stock to do 50 classes with plus extra. Then it was out of stock. The very next day.

Everyone liked it. It was in hot demand.

But I wasn’t so sure. It seemed just that too “far out” for me. Especially those wierd ones, the papers that looked like the designer had been hallucinating at the time.

Michele then challenged me to use some in a layout, I managed to do it, but still felt it was too loud, although the page looked good. I need a bit of prodding sometimes to get out of my comfort zone.

So this is the left over of my favourites from this range. I just love the stripey one and those wicked circles.

Layout - Book Bombed

Layout - Book Bombed 2


4 responses to “Layout Share – Book Bombed

  1. they are a bit jazzy for me too but it woreked for a layout I did of Miss N & I, love your layout as always.

  2. Got to agree always LOVE your layouts Tania

  3. Loved it Tania… the colours all fit together so well… think I would be a bit scared starting off with them too….

  4. I haven’t succumbed to Lime Rickey (yet) but I have been eyeing it off…….it’s right up my alley!

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