She plays again

As I sit here tonight I am thinking of how quickly my children are growing. Right now, my girl is playing the piano again, and oh how I love to hear it. It’s been so long since she’s tinkered the keys. She is growing and changing and I am enjoying being a part of her life.  One day she is messy and silly and the next day she is sweet and kind, then the next she’s moody and tired. The joys of it. Mostly though she’s happy. She smiles a lot, she skips about happily, talking in her high pitch “happy” tone and singing.

Her last weeks of Primary school are ahead, and then it’s onto the new phase in her education at Secondary school, a new and exciting chapter and it’s got me thinking about how quickly it all goes by. It didn’t seem that long ago I was taking her first Kindy photo, and thinking I had plenty of time to scrap everything. Not so. But then that’s ok. I have scrapped some things, and the rest that is not done, it doesn’t matter. Steadily over the years I have built plenty of scrapbook albums. I have scrapped little things; moments, cute photos and I have scrapped important things; milestones and heartfelt journaling. Overall there is plenty to document my kids childhood years, so I needn’t stress, just keep plodding away. There are 4 children, all growing quicker than I can document, all needing me in different ways, and it’s nice to know I am here for them. Whether it’s support or discipline, medications or just plain old loving, I am here for them. I think somehow, even with a mismatch of scrapbook albums they will remember that.

Piano Keys

Tonight I am happy to just sit quietly on my computer, unobstrusive, as I listen to the notes on piano at the hands of my baby.

Life is good.


2 responses to “She plays again

  1. Oh Tania that is a gorgeous photo. She is a beautiful little girl who is growing up very fast. But there is many many more wonderful years to come. She does have a beautiful touch with music doesn’t she?? xo

  2. She could do with a few more lessons. 😉

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