Mean kids

“Your Dad’s  car is dumb” and “Your Mum’s so fat she blocks out the sun”.

Why are some kids so mean? Come on… blocks out the sun? Really!


6 responses to “Mean kids

  1. What’s the story here? Please tell us that some kid did NOT say these things to your kids!

  2. Get them to Google “Your mom’s so fat” to get some retorts.

    My fave is “she has her own postcode”

  3. no no, ‘she needs two pass ports for when she goes overseas!!!’
    They’re just jokes Tania, don’t let it stress you.

    • Kerry-Anne Joseph

      My reply would be “At least I can loose weight, They will always be stupid and ugly”. I know lets not stoop to their level, but hey!!!!

  4. I’d be more upset about the dumb car comment

  5. Well it is dumb … and it’s noisy!!!
    But it’s clean hey Andy??????

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