The Bully

Every school has them. They are in the workplace, and some people are even married to them.

I am so used to our school bully that it’s just humorous now. I mean that comment the other day? We all laughed. I am not THAT fat, even if the Dads’ car IS dumb. Hee hee.  We know this kid says stuff on a daily basis, probably hourly basis if we get down to it, he is just a silly little twerp, a bully.

But it affects the boys. They are the perfect ‘victims’. Smaller, sookier and have difficulty communicating and understanding body language. Fortunately for them most of it goes over their heads, but sometimes I get really riled up. Especially when it becomes a daily talking point.
“How was your first day at school honey?”
“Yeah good, he says he hates me less than he hates my brother”.
He would say this like it was a compliment. Bless him.

Tonight at the dinner table Child #3 was telling his tale and showing his new (tiny) bruise… from the kick he got playing dodge ball. The little sod came up and kicked him, said “new rules, not dodgers, trippers”.  That makes me mad. Of course, child #3, the perfect victim, doesn’t stand up for himself, he doesn’t seek help, he doesn’t even pay-back. Nope, he rolls around on the ground crying in pain. He overacts it, and doesn’t stop going on about it, till HE IS THE ONE being the pain.

We’ve had all manner of comments, and lately he has started on the Mum and Dad comments. I think these are easier for the boys, as they know they just are plain untrue, it’s easier to deal with.

Like his Mum is really fat?     That’s laughable.



5 responses to “The Bully

  1. KNow what ya mean Shanes still at the mind set saying mum *+++ is a wolly Started a new game last week and now every1 is playing it Its called the kicking game were you get a person(friend or not) walk up 2 them n kick them in the shins hard as you can if they cry there sooks iff they dont then they have 2 go and make some1 else cry but i dont play it mum cause thats not nice hey mum i have noticed the extra bruses on his shins and knees latley so had a word to other parents and staff and the same thing they all got a stern talking to yr 1.2.3 that they arent aload 2 play this game any more but yeah right like that work now our yr 7s have been walken around with our kids n no more kicks on my son any how were these bullies get this stuff from makes me feel sad i mean that add on tv were there coppying there parents it must be true i think bullies must cop it hard some were and instead of the teachers overlooking it they should investigate it but coffee tasts 2 good for that most the time ;(

  2. We have a playgroup bully- he’s three (just) years old……….Oliver can handle him no worries (he just steers clear when this kid is on a rampage) but I fear the bullies that lurk in the school playground……

  3. Yep can relate totally. It is a never ending battle with Dakota. Trust me girls can be major bitches and it doesnt just stop with boys. My fav they said to Dakota (she has exsma on her hands), as she was blesssing herself to go into church they told her she had diseased the holy water and now they couldnt use it! IMAGINE! I just wanna go and slap em!

  4. Gosh, it will never end will it? We just need to make sure that the rest of their lives are full of joy, happiness and loving family. So that at the end of the day that bully means nothing to them. xo

  5. Tania…you need to inform the teachers, principal and keep persisting. No child should be allowed to intimidate, tease or harass others. If they get away with it in Primary School then they will continue into High School. Make a noise…be angry…be goddam angry…the school has a duty to deal with it and it doesnt matter how insignificant it may seem to others….if it bothers your kids then it is significant enough to do something about it.

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