5 things

This week a good week for me to do this.

5 things is a little book that you can record everyday “good things” for one week.

I was reading about this on a website, and decided to download it myself, print it out and put it together. It’s printed on one sheet of A4 card, then cut up into little pages. It was originally designed to be prited on paper and folded, but I thought it’d last longer on card. There is a  link below if you want to print one for yourself.

It would be good to pick 5 good things from every day this week and write them down. I guess I would see that I actually have lots to be grateful for, even if it’s not a great week.

The idea behind the book was from conversations the designer had with her family and it had me thinking about the sorts of conversations that go on with my own.

On the way home from school, we have so many in the car, all wanting to say something, and sometimes one or two not wanting to talk at all. So, the “One Good Thing – One Bad Thing” came into play. The idea is that everyone gets to talk, and they pick one good thing to discuss, then one bad thing. It might be as simple as “I got a good result in my maths test” and ” I fell over in the playground”, or it could be a really big issue that needs dealing with.  After each “thing”, we all get to talk about it. It’s so good. The kids actually talk to each other about their events, and it’s not a big egotistical spouting session, nor is it a time to whine, but an easy way to share.

Quite amazing the topics we have covered over the years, but funny that I can’t remember most of them. I would like to make a little book like this called “One Good Thing – One Bad Thing” to record a weeks worth. One day it might be fun to go back and read what they wrote.

Whisker Graphics is the orignal designer, and the free download can be found here.



5 responses to “5 things

  1. How long is the drive home? With your brood you could get halfway to Perth before they’re done.

  2. lol, yep I can just hear them all chatting away, vying for mums attention, a great way to get the conversation flowing. My kids didn’t talk to me much about thier day, it was often like pulling teeth to get a conversation out of them about thier day. Love the little book, will check out the website & might even give it a go. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Thanks for the blog mention and I LOVE how you put the booklet together! Just pretty paper.
    Whitney 🙂

  4. What a cool idea! I have been checking out a lot of blogs with free digital downloads of all sorts of stuff including little books to print and make- just so many ways to document our lives

  5. I always loved the time I spent in the car after school. Chris still at 20 gets into a car and starts to talk about his day. He says he can relax and think when he is in the car. The book is great too, will definitely be trying it.
    Diana 🙂

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