The Glass is gone

It had to happen one day. My favourite glass is broken. Smashed to smitherines. Tiny little pieces. Broken. Broken. Gone!!!!
Oh how I will miss my glass.

I have used this glass everyday since the day I got it and that was YEARS ago. It held a cool 375ml. A whole can. It survived little boys. It survived parties. It survived Christmases and New Years. It survived countless knocks on the kitchen tap when washing, and most of the colouring was gone by the end. It survived waggy dog tails brushing by the coffee table, and it survived the odd running about the house wars with Nerf Guns.
But it is now gone. The sad day has come.
We were mucking around.
One flick of the tea towel and it went. Slow motion I watched it, with dread in my eyes… as it fell and smashed, tinkling to the ground, flying glass everywhere.
The whole house stopped. The children frozen just looked at me in horror for my reaction.
I didn’t cry. I didn’t get upset. I jtook a breath and cleaned it up. My girl spent the next hour looking for a way to paint a new glass for me. She ended up stamping an owl with stazon and painting in flourishes, which all but came off when she cleaned it. Little sweety.
So I took all the little pieces of my glass and put them in a box to go into the bin, it was a chocolate box no less. What a way to go… in a chocolate box.
At family dinner tonight we told the news and brought out the replacement glass.


Not the same.


4 responses to “The Glass is gone

  1. So sad, so tragic….the stories that glass could tell…….ahhh but what an appropriate farewell- the family there in those last moments (nobody wants to see a glass die alone) and laid to rest in a chocolate box……a very respectful way to say goodbye to a beloved member of the household.

  2. Haha your still talking about it!?!?!?!? How about you blog how it all started Tania……
    Your glass will be missed. You really should’ve burried it next to Zoe you the back.

  3. Ohh Tania…these glass obviously had a huge part in your life…
    just know it has gone onto glass heaven where all good glasses go until you can reunite again…
    RIP Blue favourite glass….

  4. Silly Girl,
    Why didn’t you keep the glass pieces and mosaic them onto a frame??

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