December One

It’s a special day in our home. It’s the first of December, Advent Calendars are out and it’s the special day we put up our tree.

We get out the old boxes of carefully packed Christmas goodies, all the trimmings and the lights. The tinsel is hung up and the Christmas music is real loud. We all sing along with our Santa hats and bells on our ears.

It’s crazy.

It’s tradition.

It’s fun.

It sends Andrew running for the bedroom wishing he was the kind of guy who hung out at the pub. He can only stand so much Christmas Cheer.

As much as he hates the noise and the rucus we make, I know he loves it that we have this tradition with the kids. I have always done this since I left home, and when David was little he would always participate.

We were dancing in the tinsel, singing our best carols. Carefully hanging the special ornaments, picking out what each one signifies, a new one is purchased every year. They love to find the ones that are special to themselves, like the year they were born, or the ones they made in Kindy. The usual items are cleared from the buffet and our Christmassy ornaments replace them. Candles are out and the house smells of cinnamon.


Noisy, unruly, but magical.

And I am such a grown-up now that I don’t even fuss if the ornaments aren’t even, or if the colours are not balanced. 

It’s completely perfect.


4 responses to “December One

  1. Hang on to those traditions always Tania because my big girl came to me yesterday and said “can we do this together just in case it is my last time exactly like when we were little with the jokes and memories of each decoration” meaning that next year she may be at the farm and not at our house to do this……
    So with tears in my eyes, we went about this joyous task with the music, the fun and the laughter and SOOOOO MANNNY PHOTOOOOS….trying to capture the moment….
    Last year never thought that this could be my last year with all of us together doing the Dec 1st routine but here I am looks like this year may be my last with my big baby girl….

  2. It is a fantastic tradition Tania. I had such fun being there for that short time. Cant wait till the 25th!!!!

  3. Yes its lots of fun … we have our bells on !!! Yes it is chaotic and a little stressful but definitely fun… only took us 5 hours to decorate the whole house… hubby thinks i have a problem with collecting Xmas “stuff”… but its a bit like scrapping stuff, they are “needed”.

  4. Just John and I now, but we still put up a small tree and a few decorations around the house… John still gets to put the Christmas Angel on top of the tree, has done it since the kids first Christmas when we had a big tree, nearly 40yrs. We still do the Advent Calendar, I make dark chocolate ones for him and white chocolate for me as we have one that we refill each year, turns into a tree, has drawers in it…. Oh how I do love this time of the year and the Grandies do like to see it all too…… I really do love the look of all your decorations and the tree is absolutely FANTASTIC, keep the memories alive as the years just fly by just too quick….

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