End of year is near

You know it’s nearing the end of the year:  kids are perking up, holidays are due soon and they have finished most of the ‘real’ work at school, parents are tired and worried about the festive season that is rapidly approaching.

Last night we had a little get-together at the shop, ‘secret santas’ all round, drinks, homemade goodies and a little ornament decorating.

Today was the ‘day ladies’ turn and a couple of ladies finished of their Teacher gifts and Christmas cards.

The shops are crazy busy and everyone has to find time on their calendars for their friends as it’s full with appointments and end of year get-togethers and Christmas parties.


Talking about crazy. Check this out.

It was the end of year concert for school tonight, we had this young rock’n’roll dude.

What a spunk!

Then there was this..

Crazy ! His special song was “Walk Like An Egyptian”. And we weren’t allowed to purchase a costume, so his CRAZY parents decided to help him out. No dunny rolls for my baby. This is one of my halloween white sheets, torn up and hot glued to an old set of trackie dacks, then sprayed with Tim Holtz (no less) distress ink.

But the craziest of all..

This teacher would be thrilled to know his photo is up… no names here, but our teachers did a fabulous rendition of FAME and our male teacher… well, check it out for yourself.


Spandex and Capper shorts crazy.

But very funny. It was worth going to the concert even if just for this performance. It was a light and fun concert, I wasn’t even once in danger of feeling teary that it’s my daughters last year there.


2 responses to “End of year is near

  1. looks like heaos of fun

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