Smacked hands and thieving children

Tonight Child #2 and I made mini quiches. One hundred and forty of them.

I love cooking with my girl. It always used to be sweets that we baked, but she’s confident baking on her own now that I am not needed so much. Except to reach the flour for her. Shorty.

We had quite the production-line happening between the two of us.
She needed 2 lots ‘savory’ dishes for school and our quiches are always a hit.
Trouble is that it smells so good when we are cooking that the male members of the household sneak into the kitchen, they team up, one distract me whilst the other one knicks a couple to share. It’s quite the shananigans, but look out if ya get caught!  Big trouble! I’m quick with the wooden spoon.

Cooking done, time to curl up in front of the telly with my girl on my shoulder, watching Patrick Jane.
Ah… I love having a girl.


4 responses to “Smacked hands and thieving children

  1. They do look delicious- can’t really blame the boys for wanting to sample them…………mmmmm Patrick Jane ahem I mean mmmm quiches….

  2. Recipe please! Did you ever use that dumpling in casserole/stew recipe I gave you?

  3. Ha ha i can picture them stealing them. Running away giggling and screaming as you run after them with the spoon and end up throwing your shoe in frustration. hehe Save one for me!!!

  4. its a occipational hazard, home cooking smells sooooo good, can you blame them?? they are fortuniate to have that experience, some kids dont know what its like to have thier mum cook delicious treats & get to plan a mission like that, you go boys, fast becomming an “old fasioned” tradition.

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