Secret Santa

My girl had  “Secret Santa” gift giving in her class today. They were allowed a maximum of $2.50. I just love what she did for her recipient.

She baked. Then she called me at the shop and announced that she NEEDED the “Divine Swirls” Cuttlebug folder.  It was absolutely neccessary. One I was quite pleased that she knew the name of the folder and, two, I was pleased that she was making a gift and not just getting me to get something at the shop.

So she needed the folder for the royal icing she had made. Can you see the swirls on the icing? Smarty bum she is. With the left over she made little hearts then embossed “love” folder, (you know, the one that comes with the machine) and they look beautiful!


4 responses to “Secret Santa

  1. Fantastic job Emily. Well done . Wish I was the recipient.

  2. Just gorgeous Emily! And I love how you have found another use for the cuttlebug- not just on paper 😉

  3. Beautiful, Emily you really are a very clever girl. Your friend is a really lucky person.

  4. so cute, can you make me some? just kidding, did your secret santa recipiant love it? hope so.

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