Dreaming of a White Christmas

Well on my blog anyhow.

I have never seen snow. Ever. Maybe one day I will, but I won’t see it at Christmastime I am pretty sure about that. I wouldn’t wish to be away from my home, my family, my country at Christmastime.

For now, we can have snow on the blog. At least I don’t have to dig my car out, and I can still wear shorts and watch sunsets.


4 responses to “Dreaming of a White Christmas

  1. Love the snow. It is probably the only time I will see it at Christmas as well. As I will not be leaveing my home or family at this time

  2. Beaches are nicer…

  3. Love the snow,

  4. cool, how do you get it to do that? is it an application on the blog site?

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