My King is a Fix-it-Man. Sometimes this lands him in more work than he planned, often he has screws left over, and occassionally he makes the problem worse than it was. Most often it’s left to “fix” at a later date.

He feels the need to fix things himself. It must be a male thing I just don’t understand, but I know this is how he is. It’s rare that he’ll just up and get someone else to fix his things.

Like I would.

For instance if my washing machine was making a funny noise… I wouldn’t do this….

But my dear King however, would not hesitate.

More on this later.


3 responses to “Fix-it-man

  1. Is this photo current? And if so how and who is doing the washing?

  2. I guess it’s not making that funny noise anymore.

    Any noise for that matter

  3. Chris you know you would have done exactly the same thing!

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