Washing Machine

Remember this from the other day? I had intended to update this with further information, but someone spilled the story last night over a few beers in a rowdy room of end-of-year celebrations…

So… for those of who do not know the story… here ’tis!

My machine isn’t that old. Maybe a year or two, either way I don’t use it very much, the King of the house is in charge of that. A dozen go through this machine every week. It’s been a good machine. Although it does have a habit of mixing colours, (but we will not go into that or there might be a domestic in the castle).

So, have a look at this photograph below. It’s a machine taken to bits by a fix-it-man. Oh lordy me, its IN PIECES! I came through, shaking my head and snapping photos here and there. This photo actually shows the problem, and if you are a superdooper talented repair man you will see what the problem is without any trouble at this stage (3 hours into it) . You’d be saying “Oh  yep, here’s your problem Ma’am”.

There was a lot of sweating involved and a few choice words, but mostly there were many hours involved. 3 hours to pull it apart and 4 hours to get it back together. He was at it all day. But give up? No way. Spend a dollar on a repair man? No way. But he fixed it. It didn’t work straight away, and took a couple of goes to get it together without any leftover screws, so it didn’t leak, but he fixed it. What a champion. He’s very clever like that. A problem-solver, a thinker, mechanically minded and not afraid to give it a go.

Well, we KNEW what the problem was before he started. We also KNEW who’s fault it was and I thank the heavens above IT WASN”T ME!!!!! Lordy lordy I would have been on the receiving end of those dirty looks, the choice words and would probably had to have helped him. I did offer. Standly idly by, lamely asking if there was anything I could do? Did you know that the front of the machine, inside WAS SOLID CONCRETE? This is one of the amazing things he discovered on his learning journey of the day.

Can you see the problem now?

How about now?

No, it’s not one of those magical spoon-bending tricks, this is what happens if you leave a spoon in your son’s bib and chuck it all in the machine.

I had other photos too, but they are too scary to post (the ones of his tired, sweaty, annoyed face). Just look at the dirty hand and know his face matched! Hee hee. It’s all kinda funny to me, BECAUSE IT WASN”T MY FAULT.

It got caught in the rim , then disappeared into the tiny crevice of the barrel. Crikey,  did it make a racket of a noise when that happened! I thought we were under seige (and it was about midnight) so I ran for my life!

The King was in bed, not previously concerned with any part of my whining that there is a “spoon in the machine” and “can I stop it to get it out?” telling me it’d be fine and to just leave it. But he flew out of bed when it sounded like the machine was rocket-powered and going to expode.

And he just hates that. You know… the “told you so” looks he got after. I am forever grateful that it wasn’t my fault.

Forever grateful.


3 responses to “Washing Machine

  1. A great story Tania and I’m sure all us wives have been in that “forever grateful that it wasn’t my fault” stage too… 🙂

  2. a job well done Andrew, keep up the good work.

  3. Oh Andrew, why did you put the spoon in there ? It’s a washing machine for clothes, Not a dishwasher !!! But well done on the repair work.
    Hope you don’t expect Joshua to be fed with that spoon !!![it looks a bit mangled]

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