Box Fun – 1

 A few boxes can be the source of much fun in our home.

Where there are boxes there is imagination. There is enjoyment. There is tears and frustration and arguements. There is noise. There is piles of “art” I cannot throw away. There is family fun.

The other day I brought boxes home for the boys. They just love it and promptly begin mucking about.

Of course, the big boxes make great cubbies and they all took turns of hiding in the box. It did all go a little too far though when the male members sticky-taped up the box with the little girl inside. She thought it all fantastic until she couldn’t push it open and freaked when Daddy came by with the water-gun.

Wicked boys. Would you take a gander at that look of glee?

There’s no way I’d be volunteering for sitting in the box. Silly girl.

I hope you all feel sorry for us girls… amonst these rotten boys.

The dogs wanted to be part of the fun too… wondering where she was as she was singing out to them.

(Don’t be alarmed – she was happy in there, and when she wanted out, she was let out)

My camera just ran out of battery… more pics later. This is just the start of the box fun.


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