Did you make a New Years Resolution? I ask people this and often hear the same thing – spend more time with family, give up bad habits and the age old one… lose some weight. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to be thinking about what we did in the past year, look forward to a new one, like we look forward to a new day. 

I didn’t make a New Years Resolution, I seem to be making mini resolutions to myself all year long that I couldn’t possibly give myself one more thing to live up to, I am already trying to spend more time with family, giving up bad habits and losing weight. Another thing could tip me over the edge.

We rung in the New Year this year at the Golf Club, which was very different for us, we’ve been home for most years I can remember with kids. This year Joshua went to respite care and the rest of us got to go out, the kids were well-catered for, with a whole section for themselves with loads of games to play. Mum came too. So, slightly sozzled, we even got up and danced in the end, and my King ended up winning a silent auction for a new golf club, boy he was pretty proud of himself, ( did read his last bid on the list and it said ” $’s + the wife” ) he really really wanted it.  The kids thought he was hilarious, they don’t usually see Daddy mixed with alcohol, he is very funny that’s for sure. it was a barrel of laughs when we got home and all of us stayed up till 2.30 playing Wii together. The kids thought it was very cool to be so naughty staying up late and eating icecream in the early hours.

Needless to say we all slept in today.

Off to the beach now.

Hope you are enjoying the first day of the new year.


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